Episode 1 - Mike Kister

Gold Sponsor and UV/dual cured market leader Novagard Solutions, Commercial Director Nathan Reuby caught up with Mike Kister, VP of Marketing & Product Management to discuss their recent IPC-CC-830C certifications.

Episode 2 - Dominic Testo

Silicone Sessions host Nathan Reuby interviewed SSP’S Dominic Testo. Dominic, a member of the Silicone Expo advisory board, discussed his excitement for the event, the value of attending a trade-show post pandemic as well as walking us through a day in the life of the diverse material that is silicone.

Episode 3 - Steve Savastano

Co-founder and Corporate Director Alex Oliver had a conversation with President of ACCESS Technologies LLC, Steve Savastano. They discussed the history of silicones and the variety of applications silicone can be used in.

Episode 4 - Rey Obnamia

Silicone Expo Sales Director, Jamie Reid spoke with IRP Medical’s Operating Partner, Rey Obnamia to discuss the importance of silicones within the medical industry, silicone industry challenges and what makes IRP Medical stand out from the crowd.

Episode 5 - Chris lake

Corporate Director Alex Oliver spoke with Clinical Prosthetist, Chris Lake of Martin Bionics. They discussed the technology and application of silicones in medical prosthetics, the future of silicones within the industry and their role as a buyer of Silicone Expo, bringing prosthetics awareness to the show.