Unsure about whether to visit or exhibit at Silicone Expo? Read our most frequently asked questions and answers below:

Q. We are manufacturers of silicone baby care products. Is it worth my procurement team visiting? 

Yes. You will be able to speak to vendors with regards to any bespoke manufacturing or fabrication requirements you might have.

Q. I usually attend large multi-disciplined events where there might be some silicone manufacturers or chemical suppliers. Why should I attend Silicone Expo?

Silicone Expo will be a one stop shop for the silicone industry thus being far more focused and centred around this sector. Spend more time establishing quality connections as opposed to trying to find your targeted company among hundreds not relevant.

Q. I work within research and development for a company specialising in high end electrical products. Will there be people present I can talk to about some bonding and encapsulation issues we are currently facing?

Indeed there will be. Not only will a number of exhibiting companies specialise in this field but there will be a conference offering thought leadership discussions on silicone applications.

Q. Our company is a tier one supplier to the automotive, aerospace and medical sectors. Shall we exhibit or visit?

Both. A booth would be sensible so that you can meet representatives of companies you are not currently working with plus being able to network and solidify existing relationships.
Your procurement and R&D teams can then also walk the show to source new materials, look at new machines and learn at the conference sessions

Q. We need to source a new machine for our extruded silicone parts product range. Will there be companies present I can meet?

Yes. There will be companies present with machines, plus, other companies who manufacturer parts, valves, tubing etc. To get a better understanding of the equipment specifications, we are also running live product demonstrations during the course of the event.

Q. I have worked for 25 years within the silicone industry and can share a lot of useful information to others. Will I be able to be part of the conference?

Yes, we want you. Our production team will be undertaking research calls to then set the conference agendas. You would be able to discuss subjects and content then with a view to being a speaker.

Q. I am a fabricator of silicone elastomers. Is this show good for me? 

Yes! As a fabricator looking to meet your tier 1 and end user buyers from a variety of industries or maybe just your core markets, Silicone Expo is the perfect place for you to display your products. Silicone Expo is an event where the industries you serve so well, are now searching for you at YOUR show.

Q. I work for a company that tests a full range of materials including silicones. Will I meet the right people?

100%! Not only will you be exhibiting within a commercial trade show marketplace alongside the world's leading silicone manufacturers who are excited to meet new suppliers to continue to be innovative and competitive, you will have a strong commercial and corporate profile in front of the manufacturers walking the hall.

Q. I am a Materials Engineer working in the Automotive industry. Will I find the materials I need?

Absolutely! Silicone Expo will give you the time to meet new suppliers during a showcase event that will give you the opportunity to adopt all kinds of silicones for your application needs.

Q. My company traditionally works in Rubber but are looking to diversify into silicone. Is this the right event for me to gain important insight?

Without a doubt! Come and meet industry experts in the silicone industry and visit the 2-track conferences to learn about manufacturing, applications and current and emerging markets. 

Q. My company manufactures pigments and cure systems for silicone compounds. Should I exhibit?

Book your booth today! ALL silicone manufacturers are always on the search for any vendor wether be pigments, coloring, that can support, assist or advise in the improvement of a product(s), this is your show for that division of your company.

Q. My company makes Laser Cutting Machines for the production of gaskets etc. Will I meet my buyers and should I bring a machine?

For sure! As part of the supply chain of the manufacturing of silicones and having the possibility of displaying your capabilities, bring your machine(s) and be sure to take advantage of the Live Product Demos.

Q. My company manufacturers a diverse range of silicones for multiple end user groups. How would I represent that in my booth?

Good question! If you are a supplier of elastomers, gels, resins, fluids or any other silicone product that would be attractive to the target end user groups, have those divisions, products and associated teams represented on your booth. 

Q. My company is well established in supplying to the medical industry, we are looking to diversify into new markets. How do I decide where to exhibit on the floorplan and what are Silicone Expo’s target end user groups?

Anywhere you like! Silicone Expo’s model is to have the buying groups visit every booth in the hall. Our conference timings, attractions on the floorplan, product demonstrations and importantly, the marketing campaign is to promote that every exhibitor meets new customers, even from industries they weren't expecting. As for our targets… every buying group.

Q. My company manufactures products made out of silicone for the kitchenware industry that customers buy. Can I exhibit?

No! Silicone Expo is a B2B not a B2C event. You are a buyer of silicones so make sure you and your team visit the events and meet all the silicone manufacturers who can improve your products for you customers.

Q. I am an editor for a publication run by a large association that silicones feature heavily. How can I work with Silicone Expo?

We want to work with you! Silicone Expo has the focus to be engrossed in the industry and to support the silicones community the best we can. Call us, email us, tweet us, send us a message on LinkedIn, we will get right back to you.

The Silicone Expo Team