ACCESS Rudolf Technologies, LP - Booth 415

ACCESS Rudolf Technologies was created to service the specialty silicone users market with technology that is not readily available from the large multi-national silicone producers.   We have our proprietary specialty silicone products manufactured in multiple manufacturing alliance locations throughout the US.  We specialize in silicone specialty fluids and emulsions as well as distribute a line of Organofunctional silanes and several other specialty chemical products.

ACE Laboratories - Booth 408

ACE Laboratories is an ISO /IEC 17025: 2017 accredited independent laboratory providing testing services, expert technical consulting and product development resources. Our services specialize in rubber, silicone, plastics and asphalt markets. Equipped with experienced backgrounds, a world class laboratory and strategic material sources we are changing the industry. We provide innovative solutions with world class service.

ACH Solution - Booth 621

ACH Solution GmbH of Austria is a world leading supplier of technology for processing of liquid silicone rubber (LSR), solid silicone rubber (HTV) and multi-component machine tooling (THP and LSR), providing customers with a full solution package. From construction to manufacturing and sampling right through to equipment training, customers can rely on the company as a single point of contact. ACH Solution provides complete turn-key solutions to its customers and takes full responsibility for the proper set-up of each system.

With 30 years of industry experience behind them, the highly trained team at ACH design and manufacture with the highest level of precision and innovation. They are motivated to continually improve their standards of mold design, while always addressing the individual needs of each customer. The teams’ focus is on constructing tooling and equipment that enables customers to produce tailor-made precision parts and components in the most cost and process efficient way.  The company manufactures with state-of-the-art machine tooling, using the highest quality materials, enabling them to guarantee long-lasting tooling.

Adhesive Applications - Booth 501

For the past 50+ years, Adhesive Applications has been a leading manufacturer of pressure sensitive foam and film tapes. With a wide range of high-performance tapes, we are a trusted, single-source supplier for all your bonding, laminating, mounting, gasketing, splicing, and sealing needs. Our on-site technical staff and laboratory can develop application-specific custom products for your specialized applications.
Our line of highly engineered and versatile adhesives are ideal for extreme temperature and demanding conditions in medical, aerospace, electronics, high temperature masking and powder coating, and splicing applications. Our silicone transfer adhesives are suitable for temperatures up to 500°F (260°C).

Alinea Chemical Solutions - Booth 121 

Alinea Chemical Solutions, LLC was founded by Joseph and Meg Wilson in 2010. They expanded purely based on word-of-mouth and have since bought Toll Solutions, which acts as the manufacturing arm of Alinea. The company’s Duncan, South Carolina facility includes reactors, dispersion and emulsion vessels, solids handling and mixing equipment, and blending vessels, which are adaptable to a wide range of chemical processing needs. We provide a selection of chemical products to fit your want, while also offering the ability to custom-make a solution to fit the specificity of your situation. Our products are Made in the USA in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. Furthermore, with our 150+ collective years of management experience in the chemical realm, we have the chemical knowledge, technical expertise, and industry connections to get the job done.

Alliance Drawback Services - Booth 112

Alliance Drawback Services, a Licensed Customs broker, specializes in the assessment, implementation, and management of duty drawback recovery programs. Drawback program management represents the entire focus of our organization since its inception 20 years ago. 

Our comprehensive drawback solutions maneuver our clients through the drawback process compliantly while transferring the administrative requirement from our client’s staff to our team of drawback professionals. We utilize proprietary analytical tools to maximize recovery while ensuring data integrity. This allows Alliance to manage even the most challenging and complex duty drawback programs across various industries and sectors from electronics to petrochemicals.

Arrow Cryogenics - Booth 215

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BASF Corporation - Booth 722

At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Around 111,000 employees in the BASF Group contribute to the success of our customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world. Our portfolio comprises six segments: Chemicals, Materials, Industrial Solutions, Surface Technologies, Nutrition & Care and Agricultural Solutions. BASF generated sales of €78.6 billion in 2021.

B&P Littleford - Booth 731

B&P Littleford designs and custom builds a wide spectrum of mixing, drying, extruding, compounding, reacting and centrifugal separation equipment for large or small scale manufacturing applications. Whether you’re planning a new mixing process, seeking to enhance production of a current product line, modifying a formula, trying to boost environmental performance, or simply need increased efficiency in your production, B&P Littleford will customize an industrial mixing solution for your needs. Selecting the right mixing technology is more than simply choosing from a list of features.

CFI Carbon Products - Booth 510

Established in 1987 with plant locations in West Virginia and Virginia, we drive more profitable innovation for the global industrial leaders we serve with sustainable consistency in quality product, source stability, logistics, and service. We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards with an on-site ISO certified lab for product monitoring and analysis and work with ACE Products and Consulting for research and development initiatives – to ensure top quality product, optimal process, and overall formula improvements for our customers. 

At CFI, our mission is to help each customer improve formulas, end products, and processes in order to achieve more profitable innovation. While being fully dedicated to the daily needs and successes of our customers, we also proudly commit to a culture of manufacturing progress that spans across multiple industries as evident in our research and development initiatives.

CHT USA - Booth 441

CHT USA manufactures specialty silicone materials using a diverse range of base chemistries tailored to meet our customers’ processing needs and the physical demands of many industries.
CHT’s silicone materials improve the quality, functionality, and performance in applications for Agriculture, Building & Construction, Electronics, General Industrial Solutions, Leather, Lighting, Personal Care, Textiles and Transportation. CHT serves both large enterprises and small niche producers with the same level of commitment and diligence. With state-of-the-art R&D, applications labs and production facilities, our team is ready to help solve your formulation challenges. Sales and technical support are provided through an international network of the CHT Group offices and partners located in over 120 countries around the world in all continents.

CRI-SIL Silicone Technologies, LLC - Booth 403

CRI-SIL Silicone Technologies, LLC is an ISO9001 certified supplier of custom formulated silicone and fluorosilicone elastomers. We provide products and solutions to customers worldwide that are seeking innovative silicone rubber compound engineering.

We offer a full complement of standard silicone products and services in addition to custom formulations. Fabricators in the Wire and Cable, Automotive, Healthcare, and Aerospace markets (to name a few) can choose a product right off the shelf or submit a specification for custom engineering. For those Fabricators seeking Liquid Room Temperature Vulcanization (RTV), or Heat Cured Rubber (HCR), we will develop and deliver a high-quality product to you in minimal time and tailor made to your price and specification requirements.

Davis-Standard - Booth 117

Davis-Standard’s silicone extrusion solutions support global markets for automotive, medical, pharmaceutical,  adhesives and sealants, recreational equipment, and construction applications. We are industry leaders in complete silicone extrusion technology to support a range of applications including silicone hose, silicone gaskets, barrier products, silicone tubing, and weather-stripping.  The company offers an extensive range of extruders including multipurpose, hot and cold feed, silicone, vacuum vented, pin barrel, smooth barrel and custom designs, as well as gear extruders used as strainers and stabilizing gear pumps. Davis-Standard also supplies extrusion heads, custom feedscrew designs, silicone curing systems, laboratory and downstream equipment, and integrated process control systems to provide solutions for every application. With more than 1,400 employees worldwide and a network of independent sales agents and suppliers in nearly every country, Davis-Standard is committed to engineering systems that are reliable, environmentally friendly, and offer a high return on investment.

DESMA - Booth 642

DESMA USA, Inc., is the only full service solution provider in North America for elastomer (silicone and rubber) injection molding solutions. We provide a wide variety of high quality German engineered injection molding machines and domestically designed and built molds from our North American Manufacturing Center (NAMC). We also design and provide integrated automation solutions for the manufacture of elastomer articles. Typical industries served are: electrical, pharmaceutical, automotive, oil & gas, military, consumer, and industrial products. DESMA has longstanding experience working with HTV/HCR and LSR elastomers along with many other elastomer materials.

3Deus Dynamics - Booth 126

3Deus Dynamics aims to push the limits of 3D printing with its additive manufacturing process in a granular environment named "Dynamic Molding". This breakthrough innovation, hybrid between 3D printing and injection molding, supports all the polymers available on the market without chemical reformulation, without support structure and without geometry limit. In addition, Dynamic Molding also makes it possible to manufacture composite materials and therefore provide additional properties to the materials. Our company is currently developing solutions for Silicone materials and addresses all major markets such as health, transport, energy and defense.

Dow - Booth 601

At Dow, our ambition is to become the most innovative, customer centric, inclusive and sustainable materials science company, with a purpose to deliver a sustainable future for the world through our materials science expertise and collaboration with our partners.

Dow’s portfolio of silicones and silicon-based technologies enable efficiency, reliability, and longer lasting performance. Dow offers an industry-leading portfolio of innovative materials for pulp and paper, mold release, polyurethane, food and beverage, agrochemicals, textiles, transportation and mobility, coatings and electronics.

In a society that runs on performance and strives for sustainability, silicones are essential materials to develop solutions to address global challenges.

Dymotek - Booth 540

At Dymotek Plastic Injection Molding of Ellington, CT, we manufacture way beyond just plastic parts—we mold solutions. "Dymotek,"​ stands for Dynamic Molding Technologies—a name we created to represent the unique engineering, molding, assembly, and distribution advantages we offer. Dedicated to being a true extension of your company, we work to become experts in your industry both nationally and globally. Plastic injection molding innovation that delivers parts faster, more accurately, and more efficiently utilizing the world's most advanced technologies and resources. Superior mold evaluation and engineering, precise robotic-assisted molding and assembly, computer guided inspection and project management, and complete distribution solutions—all from our state-of-the-art plastic injection molding company in CT.

Dymotek. More than a molding company—we’re a plastic injection molding partner that delivers honesty, integrity, and value to every client we serve.

ECO USA - Booth 306

ECO USA is a silicone recycling company with more than 10 years of experience. Our state-of-the-art recycling facility in West Virginia, USA can recycle a wide variety of silicone solid, paste, and liquid materials whether it is cured or uncured. Using ECO USA’s proprietary process, we manufacture industrial-grade silicone products derived from 100% recycled sources collected from post-industrial streams. With thousands of tons of silicone materials prevented from entering landfills every year, let ECO USA help you reach your sustainability goals. To date, we offer the most advance and environmentally friendly end-of-life option for recyclable silicone materials worldwide.    

Edge-Sweets - Booth 220

Edge-Sweets Company specializes in dynamic polyurethane metering, mixing and dispensing technology. Our success in low pressure polyurethane metering and dispensing can be attributed to mix head design and technology. Martin Sweets Company was the first producer of polyurethane processing equipment in the USA. Since joining with Edge in 1985, ESCO has emerged as one of the leading suppliers of low-pressure dynamic mix heads for the polyurethane industry. Our high quality low pressure mixing heads are offered in a wide range of flow rates capable of mixing the most demanding PU systems.

ElastaPro - Booth 232

ElastaPro was founded by a team of Silicone Industry veterans, with decades of experience in silicone sheeting, compounding, and technology- with a passion for enhancing the Customer Experience. Our team’s expertise runs deep in leveraging unique and proprietary manufacturing techniques, along with over 20 years experience in working with and directly for the largest supplier of silicone rubber globally.We are here to serve the silicone industry by deploying our extensive experience and years of learning, to bring the best in Value and Customer Experience, to our customer partners.

Elkay Silicones - Booth 128

Elkay Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is a leading performance silicone products manufacturer for the Indian and global markets. We offer over 80 high performance products with a focus on quality and competitiveness. Elkay is a major exporter of silicone products & solutions and has a present capacity of over 4000 MT/year of speciality silicone fluid and over 1500 MT/year of speciality emulsions and formulations.
At Elkay we believe that innovation is the way forward. Our team of passionate scientists ensures that we are a single stop silicone solution. Customer centric, we continuously endeavor to develop products that respond to customer requirements and bring them sustainable leverage. Elkay is ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
Elkay is proud to have Silicone products and solutions which enhance the way of life.

Elmet North America - Booth 541

MOLDS. DOSING TECHNOLOGY. PART PRODUCTION. JOBS. ELMET inspires with smart silicone solutions. ELMET is an internationally active, high-end full system & service supplier specializing in building high quality molds, processing and dosing liquid silicone as well as the production of high-quality parts from liquid silicone. The innovative company was founded in Oftering, Austria in 1996. A small, dedicated team with a wealth of experience in mold making and liquid-silicone injection molding has since developed into an internationally successful systems builder. Today Elmet is a global player in designing and manufacturing high-quality equipment for the production of silicone parts.

ENTEX Rust & Mitschke GmbH - Booth 402

Due to continuous development of our planetary roller extruder and its auxiliary systems ENTEX now has more than 135 pending and issued property rights and is the world leader in extrusion technology.

Since foundation of ENTEX Rust & Mitschke GmbH more than 850 extrusion lines and plants were sold. The aim of our company philosophy is to keep the constant development on that level.

More than 50 years ago the planetary roller extruder system started to conquer the world market and since the Eighties, ENTEX have developed and perfected this process. After the transition of the planetary roller extruder from SHE-Schalker-Eisenhütte to ENTEX, ENTEX have re-defined the history of the planetary roller extruder and as a result are not only the technological leaders but also the oldest producer of planetary roller extruders in the market.

FlackTek Speedmixer Inc - Booth 216

Headquartered in Landrum, South Carolina, FlackTek Inc. has been creating mixing solutions since 1996. With a core focus on quality and performance, it strives to deliver industry-best results at every point in the mixing process. To that end, FlackTek Speedmixer Inc. offers SpeedMixers, supplies, and accessories for all scales of needs ranging from R&D to production, as well as in-depth training, technical service, and customer support.

Gasket Fabricators Association - Booth 116

The GFA is a trade association of companies like yours, which provide custom-fabricated components and services like gaskets, tapes, adhesives, polymers, die-cutting, laminating, converting, and more. Our strong and ever-growing membership is comprised of companies of all sizes and offers regular, productive opportunities for you to network, share ideas, and support each another in an easy, comfortable setting.

Gumena LLC - Booth 561

Founder Claudio Diaz, is a Materials Engineer with over 28 years of experience in developing formulations and mixing silicone rubber compounds. After several years in the industry, he followed a lifelong dream and founded Gumena LLC in February 2010 manufacturing high consistency silicone rubber (HTV) and two part platinum silicone putty. One of our strengths is the ability to develop custom compound formulas according to our customer’s specifications. Applications range from molding compounds, extrusion compounds, silicone sponge, compounds for roller application, among others. All products are tested in our well-equipped quality control lab before being sent to customers to quarantee a consistent and quality compound every time.   

Gupta Verlag - Booth 735

Dr. Gupta Verlags GmbH is a globally active specialist publisher of technical journals. With its focus on the material groups rubber, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and polyurethane, we successfully serve the supply chain of these industries as an information service provider, from raw material suppliers to processors and OEMs. Our publications are valued as reliable information portals and serve as reference sources and trend-setting information carriers in these industries.

We are currently the only publishing house worldwide to offer magazines in German and international editions for the materials rubber and polyurethane. In addition, we publish the world's first and only magazine devoted exclusively to the material group of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).

Hales Industries - Booth 502

Do you have an idea for a product that you can’t get off the ground because the manufacturing price is killing your budget? We can solve that problem with our small batch process that is built to help you launch your product without breaking the bank. Or perhaps you have a product ready to go, but can’t find a manufacturer that will produce unless you place a large order. We can help with that too!

Hauschild Speed Mixer - Booth 411

Since 1974 Hauschild Engineering designs, builds, and sells worldwide the dual asymmetric centrifuge mixers known as the Hauschild SpeedMixer®, possibly the most powerful, efficient, and durable laboratory and production mixers that works without blades. The German manufacturer Hauschild GmbH & Co. KG is family-owned with almost fifty years’ experience in mechanical engineering. Their US distributor Hauschild SpeedMixer Inc is located in Detroit, Michigan and serves the American market with its own dedicated sales and technical team.

Heraeus - Booth 207

Heraeus, the technology group headquartered in Hanau, Germany, is a leading international family-owned portfolio company. The company’s roots go back to a family pharmacy started in 1660 . Today, the Heraeus group includes businesses in the environmental, electronics, health and industrial applications sectors. Customers benefit from innovative technologies and solutions based on broad materials expertise and technological leadership.

innovatiQ - Booth 333

innovatiQ GmbH + Co. KG creates future-oriented technologies and implement them in the design and production of 3D printers. Since 2010, we have been developing 3D printers based on Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology. We are the first company in Germany to launch a large-volume 3D printer for industrial requirements with our in-house development X1000. With Liquid Additive Manufacturing (LAM), we invented the additive manufacturing of components made of silicone in 2018.

IRP Group - Booth 505

IRP Medical provides Critical-To-Function elastomer solutions. As experts in Liquid Silicone and Rubber Molding, we can move from prototype to 1,000,000’s of parts while maintaining exacting standards. We’re an FDA registered manufacturing facility with ISO 13485:2016 certification, all operating out of a 40,000 sq. ft. facility with leading-edge Class 7 & Class 8 Cleanrooms.  Our range of services include: Custom Silicone and Rubber Molding, Liquid Silicone Molding, High Consistency Silicone Molding, Flashless, Transfer & Compression Molding, Organic & Polyisoprene Rubber Molding, as well as Overmolding Silicone over plastic, metal, rubber, flex circuits or fabric.

Kaneka - Booth 623

Kaneka is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical bulk, intermediates and fine chemicals, as well as the nutritional supplements CoQ10 and Ubiquinol. Since the 1960s, Kaneka has also been a technological pioneer in the development of polymers and polymer additives for consumer, industrial, packaging, electrical and many other industries. Due to its early research into the field of solar energy, Kaneka's expertise is making it possible to offer solar energy worldwide through its advanced photovoltaic systems.

KraussMaffei - Booth 433

KraussMaffei is among the world’s leading manufacturers of machinery and systems for the production and processing of plastics and rubber. Our brand stands for cutting-edge technologies – for more than 180 years. Our range of services covers all areas of injection molding machinery, extrusion technology and reaction process machinery. This gives KraussMaffei a unique selling point in the industry. With the high innovative power of our standardized and individual product, process, digital and service solutions, we can guarantee customers sustained additional value over the entire value-adding chain. Our range of products and services allow us to serve customers in many sectors including the automotive, packaging, medical and construction industries, as well as manufacturers of electrical and electronic products and household appliances. KraussMaffei employs around 4.700 people all over the world. With more than 30 subsidiaries and over 10 production plants, as well as about 570 commercial and service partners, we are represented internationally close to our customers. Since its foundation in 1838, the company’s headquarters have been in Munich.

LabsCubed - Booth 104

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Laur Silicone - 725

Laur Silicone, Inc. is a supplier of custom silicone rubber committed to giving customers high quality and value in every compound. Through specialization, Laur Silicone is able to maintain a high level of technical expertise allowing formulation to exact requirements. Several lines of standard products designed for many different applications are available. Some packaging options available include mill packaged, pre-formed, and calendared. Laur Silicone has the capability to provide small batch sizes for lab samples and to scale up to any size production quantities. A well-equipped laboratory provides not only product development, but also ensures stringent quality control testing.

LAXMI - Booth 314

LAXMI is a full services manufacturer of silicone, injection molds and components. We deploy the latest technology and top-of-the-line systems that allow us to seamlessly integrate with your production strategy. Our specialized solutions include design of molds, mold making, precision injection molding of thermoset, HTV, LSR and elastomers, white room and clean room injection molding and assembly. Laxmi has a proven track record as an effective solution provider who satisfies customers and enhances their profits. Our major clients are from the medical, aviation, space and healthcare industries.We provide our customers with economic viability, engineering excellence, total quality management and certified manufacturing processes that enable a quick turnaround from design to production. LAXMI ensures zero defect manufacturing through ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, EN ISO 1345:2016, AS 9100D and UL Certified Molder for Traceability certifications.

Lianda Corporation - Booth 124

Lianda Corporation is a distributor of performance elastomers and specialty chemicals with over 25 years successful history servicing the rubber and plastic industry. To provide best support to our valued customers, Lianda maintains a well-equipped technical support laboratory and 6 warehouses strategically located throughout the country. In the current challenging global environment, Lianda provides unique sourcing capability and delivers unparalleled customer commitment and service. Our product portfolio includes Silicone gum, base and liquid in addition to other high performance elastomers such as FKM and HNBR. Our organic peroxide line complements our elastomer products.

M.R. Mold & Engineering Corp - Booth 115

Established in 1985, M.R. Mold has become a global leader in tight-tolerance complex geometry Liquid Silicone Rubber injection molds, focusing on the medical industry. Along with the company’s extensive experience in LSR, M.R. Mold assists OEMs and job shop molders with their thermoplastic mold requirements. With the benefit of knowing what is critical in each mold, M.R. Mold builds overmolds to produce the finest finished product. In addition to large capacity CNCs, ISO 9001-2015 certification affords new capabilities to the aerospace and defense industries.  A 3D ProX metal printer brings prototypes to customers within days. The company's mold making knowledge of both thermoset and thermoplastic materials, coupled with its state-of-the-art facility, ensures customers have product in hand prior to shipping their production ready molds.

MAK Chemical Inc - Booth 120 

MAK Chemical Inc. is a supplier of Monomers, Speciality Monomers, Oligomers, Plasticizers, Epoxy Resins, Green Surfactants, Silicone Fluids, Silanes, Siloxanes, Titanium Dioxide and VOC Exempt Solvents. They supply products to the Coatings, Plastics, Agriculture and Personal Care Markets.    Transportation & Logistics is essential for all types of deliveries and Import Shipment Transfers.

Maplan - Booth 508

MAPLAN is a leading manufacturer of rubber and silicone injection molding machines with an industry-best network of strategic partners. With 50 years of experience in a variety of application fields, our machines are known world-wide for accuracy, performance, and efficiency. MAPLAN is an innovator in the industry. Our FIFO Injection technology incurs minimum pressure loss with negligible residual rubber. Our CoolDrive II technology is the benchmark in servo-hydraulics, maximizing power savings and efficient production. MAPLAN is the global leader in horizontal injection molding machines. We offer a wide range of solutions for semi- and fully-automated production. We are the largest and most successful manufacturer of two-component injection machines world-wide.

Marco System Analysis & Development - Booth 637

Martin Reuter, President, co-founded the company in 1982 near Munich, Germany. With dedication to innovation and technical analysis the company has grown to include world-wide subsidiaries including a San Diego location to serve USA.   As a manufacturer of precision dispensing systems, Marco provides a wide range of industrial applications and custom solutions in a variety of media: silicone, hot melt, UV adhesives, solder paste, flux. Marco recently launched a complete solution for 2 component mixing that optimizes the reputable Marco jetting and needle dispensing systems.  

The multidisciplinary Marco team of physicists, mechanical, electrical, software, and control engineers provides a vertically integrated business model. This asset allows Marco to take responsibility for the entire manufacturing process from the formulation of the piezo materials to the software that drives it, ensuring excellent process control and supply chain coordination. All core competencies are developed internally, ensuring uniqueness in Marco’s creativity. The business model allows Marco to pursue large projects without delay whilst still serving smaller customized applications with a competitive edge.

Michigan Manufacturing Association - Booth 721

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Milliken - Booth 223

SiVance, LLC, a subsidiary of Milliken & Company, offers a wide range of silane and silicone products that are typically difficult to source. SiVance focuses on adding value through their
process development, custom manufacturing capabilities, and responsiveness. These products are used in a variety of electronics, CASE, automotive, pharmaceutical, oil & Gas and contact lens applications.

Moldex3D - Booth 723

Since 1995, CoreTech System (Moldex3D) from Taiwan has been helping international companies to make production ready products with its CAE molding simulation software. The most recent version, Moldex3D 2020, is equipped with the latest analysis technology and powerful prediction capabilities to present simulation-driven solutions for businesses. It points out potential molding problems during product development stages and provides optimizing directions, which greatly reduces time and money spent on trial-and-error.   

Moldex3D is consisted of more than 60% of master and doctoral employees. Together, they continue to seek breakthrough in scientific research and system to offer more accurate molding simulation software.

Over the years, Moldex3D has received recognition from world-famous companies, such as Toyota, Honda, Foxconn, Samsung, and Lego. To provide timely, local, and professional services to worldwide clients, Moldex3D also set up global offices in United States, Netherland, Thailand, Vietnam, and China.

Momentive - Booth 533

With more than 80+ years of experience in research, development, and production of silicone materials, Momentive has a historical legacy of commercial first-ever silicone processes and products. Our vast product portfolio is comprised of many advanced silicone solutions, allowing us to serve several industries including automotive, aerospace, electronics, personal care, consumer products, building and construction, as well as specialized industries such as specialty fluids, silanes, and additives.

Headquartered in Waterford, New York, Momentive Performance Materials Inc., an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of MOM Holding Company, is one of the world’s largest producers of silicones and silicone derivatives.

MonTech USA - Booth 301

MonTech is the rubber industry’s fastest growing premium testing instrument manufacturer. Entering the U.S. market in 2012, MonTech supplies a 75+ testing instrument and software solution portfolio including rubber process analyzer (RPA), moving die rheometers, Mooney viscometers (MV), rubber laboratory presses, density testers, hard testers, abrasion resistance, rebound resilience, sample preparation, compression set, aging ovens, fatigue testing, bale cutters, and more.

Moriyama - Booth 122

Moriyama Division of Nihon Spindle is the global leader for tilt-style, pressure mixers and twin taper extruders, ideal for the rapid mixing and preforming of HCR silicone and other elastomers.

Moriyama also designs open mixers for LSR applications with sigma or banbury rotors that can be equipped with different discharge methods – screw, valve or tilt. All machinery is built in-house to rigorous quality standards in Amagasaki, Japan. Moriyama is represented in North America by Sanyu USA, Inc.

National Silicone - Booth 310

National Silicone, a brand by GCP Industrial Products, specializes in supplying solid silicone sheet, silicone sponge sheet (closed cell) and silicone foam sheet (closed cell). Our products are designed for premium performance and are an ideal choice for cushioning, insulation, gaskets, seals, noise reduction and vibration management applications.

Neomat Distribution Inc - Booth 106

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Nexus - Booth 337

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Novagard - Booth 421

Novagard is the market leader in UV/Dual Cure alkoxy silicone technology for electronic devices and component assemblies. An early pioneer of this technology, Novagard leverages its R&D capabilities to offer the electronics market the broadest line of UV cure/UV dual cure silicones, adhesives, coatings, and thermal management materials, engineered and manufactured to exacting and challenging requirements for performance. These electronics-grade silicones join Novagard’s already extensive line of construction and industrial silicone materials.

Para-Coat Technologies - Booth 416

Here at Para-Coat Technologies, we specialize in conformal coatings. Our coatings services offer solutions and provide protection to elastomer parts in electronic, medical, aerospace, automotive and military applications.

Paul O. Abbe - Booth 537

At Paul O. Abbé we strive to be a supplier you can count on for quality products, service and process know-how. Our engineered process equipment is tailored to your process. We understand your needs and we know how to specify the correct equipment for blending, mixing, dispersions, size reduction and solids drying. We offer rugged construction, sanitary designs, sophisticated batch controls, ASME construction, state-of-the-art electronics and systems integration per your requirements.

Pepin Manufacturing Inc - Booth 210

Pepin Manufacturing, Inc. is a privately owned and operated IS0-13485/CE certified full service contract manufacturer located in Lake City, Minnesota. Since 1993, PMI has been providing custom converting and fabrication services to a multitude of industries including medical, industrial, aerospace, defense, cosmetic and retail. PMI can assist customers with R&D, material sourcing and sampling, small run prototyping and mass manufacturing and private labeling. PMI specializes in contract manufacturing disposable products to each customer’s specifications that utilize adhesives, films, nonwovens and other flexible materials. Pepin Manufacturing consistently strives to build close working relationships with each and every customer to provide exceptional total customer satisfaction and support.

Phoseon Technology - Booth 118

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Polymer Machinery Company - Booth 107

Polymer Machinery Company – Serving North America’s need for compression and injection molding machinery, lab testing equipment, rubber processing equipment, support, and expert advice.  We are the exclusive North American distributor for Pan Stone rubber, silicone, and composite molding equipment. Pan Stone is known worldwide as a technology leader in rubber molding machinery, with quality standards that far exceed expectations. Pan Stone’s goal is to provide an innovative and quality product, with zero defects. Pan Stone continuously updates its manufacturing systems, and is focused on excellence in manufacturing and customer service.

QuadSil - Booth 502

QuadSil, Inc.'s material technology expertise encompasses silane, silicones, silicone-organics, and antimicrobials for use in addressing customer needs and gaps in defined product markets and for focused overviews of product and technology options.

Quimica - Booth 130

Quimica del Oeste S.A. is a Wacker Silicones Partnership Agreement, ISO 9001:2015, VMQ-HCR Silicone Rubber Compounder leader in MEXICO, specializing in VMQ-HCR CUSTOM-MADE solutions; also commercializing Silicone Fluids, Manufacturing Silicone Emulsions and Distributing Silicon Antifoams. Started in 1973 as Dow Corning Distributor almost to reach the first 50th year anniversary in the silicone business as the ½ part of the business. The 2nd half stills a Chemical Specialties Distribution Business.

Raumedic - Booth 201

Human health is at the core of Raumedic Group's business. The company specializes in processing medical-grade thermoplastic polymers and silicones at six production sites in Europe and the United States.

 As a partner of the international medical technology and pharmaceutical industry, the polymer specialist develops and produces customized components for customers, including tubing, catheters, and molded parts as well as complex groups of components and systems for diagnostic and therapeutic uses. For the clinical areas of neuro-monitoring and traumatology, Raumedic produces high-precision pressure-measuring systems with microchip technology. In doing so, it plays a key role in safe patient care around the world. 

With 70 years of experience in the areas of extrusion, injection molding and assembly, the company with a global workforce of 900 people turns customer ideas into mature products. The foundation of this work is formed by a quality management system based on ISO 13485 and clean room manufacturing on an area of 107,000 square feet (10,000 square meters) based on ISO 14644 (Class 7).

Resil Chemicals - Booth 341

Resil Chemicals Pvt Ltd. is a specialty chemical company with over 27 years of leadership in silicones and specialty materials for Agriculture, Home & Personal Care, Textiles, Industrial lubrication & release, Pharmaceuticals, Auto Care and Antimicrobials. Having more than 1000 customers across 4 continents, Resil’s three agile & technologically efficient manufacturing units and Government of India recognized R&D laboratories are globally certified.

Roembke MFG & Design - Booth 633

Roembke Manufacturing and Design’s mission is to provide molding solutions to the manufacturing industry that exceed expectations in quality, delivery, and technical capability. We strive to develop long term working relationships with all of our customers while providing our employees with a value added work environment that offers both a highly competitive compensation and a close knit team atmosphere.

Quality is part of our culture, not a separate function. Our technicians are trained and accountable to program and setup the job, know the level of expected quality, utilize proper measuring tools, run the job efficiently, and exceed expectations.

Employees of Roembke take pride in their work, which shows through their ongoing involvement in the search for, development of, and implementation of continuous process improvements.

Romakk Chemicals - Booth 309

Romakk Chemicals Pvt Ltd, incorporated in March 2021, specializes in manufacturing and selling silicone oils and silicone derivatives and emulsions derived from silicone oils and derivatives in many different industries.

Romakk Chemicals is the result of five enterprising entrepreneurs of Rossari, McCoy and KK Chemicals groups coming together for 18 months and bringing in their rich experience and expertise of 25 years in the field if Specialty Silicones in India.

The Rubber Group - 414

The Rubber Group is a custom rubber molder located at 22 Nadeau Drive, New Hampshire, United States. Value-added manufacturing from The Rubber Group helps you to refine your part design and enhance your product’s performance. By selecting the right materials and manufacturing process, you can also identify opportunities to reduce manufacturing costs. Quality and reliability can improve, too.

Rubicon - Booth 112

Rubicon Gummitechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH, is an acknowledged specialist in the production of extrusion lines for the silicone and rubber processing industries.

Rubicon’s expertise lies in the development, design and manufacture of top-quality extrusion equipment for the cost-effective production of high quality industrial and medical silicone products, as well as products in the tire and cable industries. Rubicon designs and manufactures extruders (silicone extruders, vent extruders, pin barrel extruders, coextrusion systems), extrusion dies, vulcanization lines (salt bath, infrared, hot air, microwave), downstream equipment, lab equipment and automation solutions for companies all over the world. Rubicon is represented in North America by Sanyu USA, Inc.

Ruichem USA Inc - Booth 221

Ruichem offers a full line of silicone products including Silicone Fluids, Organo-Functional Silanes, Water Repellents, Defoamers, Ag Adjuvants and more for Personal Care, Cosmetic, Construction, Adhesives and Sealants, Textile, Release Agent, Lubricants markets. With a Technical Center in the US, we are committed to offer solutions to our customer's challenges with new formulations and new molecules where needed. With an ISO certified Quality Lab in China, you can buy with confidence from China.

Sanyu USA - Booth 122

Sanyu is leading manufacturer of small to medium sized injection molding machines for silicone and rubber applications serving industries that include automotive, medical, construction, aerospace and oil & gas. Sanyu specializes in the precision injection molding of technical goods, and offers unique technologies, such as a vent extruder and AI injection system. Sanyu has an in-house automation division capable of integrating automation systems to the injection presses for the handling of inserts and finished parts.

Sateco - Booth 217

The Sateco Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of keypads and silicone sensors. Sateco combines years of know-how and innovative technology with customized solutions, and it sets standards for creating controls and switches. This family-owned company with approx. 800 employees is headquartered in Schwerzenbach, Switzerland and maintains subsidiaries in Europe, the U.S., and Asia. With consistent quality management and immense innovative strength, Sateco creates tangible added value for its prominent customers from many different industries.

Sheridan Mold & Engineering Inc - Booth 729

Sheridan Mold & Engineering was founded in 1954 and focuses strictly on LSR and HCR silicone molds, primarily in the medical market. With new ownership in 2017 many advancements have occurred. We’ve moved to a new facility, purchased multiple state of the art machines, are providing in house mold sampling, and have a future expansion planned. Our team specializes in tight tolerance and micro sized work in addition to multi shot silicone to silicone. Bring the challenge and Sheridan will provide a solution!  

Shin-Etsu - Booth 401

Shin-Etsu is a leading global manufacturer and innovator of silicone elastomers for a wide variety of industries, including Medical, Automotive, Childcare, Consumer, and Electrical/Electronic. Shin-Etsu offers an assortment of products for fabricated components, including high-consistency rubber (HCR), liquid silicone rubber (LIMS), and Select-Hesive LIMS for overmolding onto thermoplastics substrates. Our RTV product portfolio consists of adhesives, sealants, encapsulants, potting compounds, conformal coatings, thermal interface materials (TIM), and UV activated adhesives, as well as a full line of mold making materials for rapid prototyping. Products are manufactured in ISO 9001 facilities in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Sigmasoft - Booth 409

Since 1998 SIGMA, headquartered in Aachen, Germany, has been the pioneer and pacemaker of Injection Molding simulation technology. SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding is developed in cooperation with MAGMA (established in Aachen, Germany in 1988). With its metal casting software, MAGMASOFT®, MAGMA set the standard for 3D metal casting process simulation and is today’s worldwide technology and market leader. Ongoing development of both softwares is done in Aachen, Germany with the input from our users worldwide.

Silcotech North America - Booth 116

Silcotech North America® has been a global leader in liquid injection molding for the medical, healthcare, automotive, packaging, consumer electronics and consumer markets since 1984. From simple, straightforward projects to those with complex requirements , it’s our vision that creates the added value for our customers. For over 35 years, Silcotech® has worked at local, national and global level to provide solutions that meet the highest standards of quality, performance and value.

Silicastar Industries Inc - Booth 305

We are are a chemical distributor/importer specialize in silicone base, silane, DBPH peroxide, DCBP, silica rubber filler, adsorbents and desiccants etc. We can also help you manage the logistics of the sourcing and importing from China as efficiently as possible with the minimum of fuss under the current pandemic supply chain disruption.

Silicone Engineering - Booth 321

Silicone Engineering is Europe’s leading manufacturer and supplier of silicone rubber materials, specialising in solid silicone rubber and closed cell sponge.Serving major industries across the globe, our quality approved materials and products are produced to the highest international standards which is why we are recognised globally as the number one silicone solution provider, exporting over 50% of our materials to over 45 countries.From design and inception to full-scale manufacture and supply, Silicone Engineering is dedicated to working closely with its customers to innovate for today’s applications and the ones of the future.

Speciality Manufacturing Inc. - Booth 211

Specialty Manufacturing Inc. started in our family’s home in 1979. Today SMI is women-owned and run by the same family that started the business. With 40-plus years of experience, a commitment to deep quality, and deep knowledge of the industry, our team of silicone experts are equipped to deliver innovative solutions to our customers. We offer unique expertise in bonding silicone to metal and plastic, and are experts in micro molding and over molding. We specialize in parts for LED Lighting and Medical, and are currently working in Optical parts.

We are passionate about delivering small parts that make a big impact, and we are committed to being leaders in the silicone manufacturing industry. At SMI, we know silicone.

SSP - Booth 133

Specialty Silicone Products, Inc. was founded in 1989 by four employees of GE Silicones. They recognized that several niche markets were emerging based on silicone technology and few commercial solutions existed to meet this growing demand. They combined their experience to design and manufacture EMI RFI Conductive Silicones for Electronics/Military applications; Silicone/PTFE Septa liners and caps for Pharmaceutical customers; and custom silicone compounds for Industrial Gasket Fabricators all tailored to meet their exact specifications. SSP has a reputation for developing “Silicones that Work” and delivering them to our customers with speed, flexibility, and service.

Spectroplast - Booth 214

Spectroplast AG offers On-Demand Manufacturing of Silicone end-use products that meet industrial and medical standards with respect to precision, performance and price. All without the use of molds, saving costs and time and at zero waste. Spectroplast strives to exceed customer needs all around the globe by providing state-of-the art Silicone Additive Manufacturing (SAM) solutions for the industrial and health care market. Silicone Additive Manufacturing sets a new standard for the mass customization of end-use silicone products with a positive impact on industries and on people’s lives.

Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance - Booth 108 

The Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance, or the “SPFA”, is the educational and technical resource to the spray polyurethane foam industry. A national 501(c)6 trade association, the SPFA was founded in 1987 and its constituents include contractors, manufacturers and distributors of spray polyurethane foam, as well as related professionals and entities involved in equipment, protective coatings, inspections, surface preparations and other key services related to spray foam. The SPFA is based in Virginia and its members span all 50 states within the USA.

Stockwell Elastomerics - Booth 640

Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc. manufactures custom rubber components for ruggedizing and protecting electronics and electrical components from harsh environments. Stockwell serves the technology sector with a core competence in silicone and high performance elastomers. Our Applications Engineers work closely with customers to help specify the best material and manufacturing process for their component. Stockwell Elastomerics maintains comprehensive inventory of materials and has in-house water jet cutting, die cutting, injection molding, compression molding, adhesive lamination, UV bonding and assembly. Combined, these allow us to respond quickly to customer's needs from pre-production through volume production. Customers who benefit the most from Stockwell's capabilities are OEMs in the technology sector who utilize innovation to be competitive in their markets. Stockwell Elastomerics manufactures custom, silicone rubber components, silicone sponge gaskets, PORON gaskets and pads, adhesive-backed gaskets, gasket tape, silicone foam gaskets, fluorosilicone parts, thermal pads, EMI shielding gaskets, liquid injection molding (LIM), liquid silicone rubber (LSR), waterjet cut gaskets.

Sumitomo Demag - Booth 233

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag manufactures a wide range of high-precision, plastic injection molding machines for diverse applications. Our IntElect and EV-A all-electric injection molding machines feature advanced Sumitomo motor technology and spans from 8-936 U.S. tons, including micro to mid-sized, high-speed thin-wall, high-duty, vertical, insert, and two-shot. Our unmatched range of thin-wall, packaging, and closure molding machines includes ultra-high-speed hybrid and all-electric models from 168-1124 U.S. tons. In addition to a large technical support staff and full range of Aftersales services, Sumitomo Demag offers attractive financing solutions and a large selection of U.S. stocked machines available for fast delivery.

Transcend - Booth 123

Transcend Solutions manufactures efficient, innovative, and customized separations solutions that optimize critical processes in the hydrocarbon, chemical and specialty chemical industries. We combine process engineering knowledge, separations technology and flexible manufacturing to develop root cause solutions for endemic process issues. We are able to help increase throughput, reduce operating cost and minimize environmental impact through better separations.

Uniquechem Solutions Inc. - Booth 351

Uniquechem Solutions Inc is a specialty chemical distribution company with a focus on Silicone chemistry including Siloxanes, Silanes and Silane Terminated Polyethers. We leverage our market intelligence to enable our customers to make improved Supply Chain decisions.  

We lend the technical expertise of our team including our manufacturing partners to solve formulation, supply, and production challenges with our customers. We provide our customers with choices to ensure supply chain and business continuity.

WACKER - Booth 315

WACKER is a leading player and one of the world’s most research-intensive chemical companies. Our range of highly developed specialty products extends from silicones and polymeric binders and additives for a number of different industrial sectors, to bio-engineered pharmaceutical actives (biologics), and hyperpure silicon for semiconductor and solar applications. As a technology leader focused on sustainability, we promote innovations with high value-added potential. Our goal is to ensure a better quality of life for you and future generations – through health care, energy efficiency and protection of the climate and environment.

Wandaa USA Inc - Booth 310

Wandaa GmbH started as a medium sized enterprise specializing in masterbatch and moisture absorber production, and in the recovery of postindustrial polymers. We are headquartered in the greater Stuttgart area (Germany). Since then, we have expanded into an international presence, working with customers all over the globe. Now we operate in Europe, North and South America and Asia. We supply high performance masterbatches (color concentrates), additives, and recovery polymers (primarily PE and PP) to plastic manufacturers around the world.

Zhermack - Booth 206

Zhermack produces bi component polyaddition and polycondensation silicones at room temperature vulcanization for various application sectors. The administrative and production headquarters are in Badia Polesine in the province of Rovigo, Italy.

The group is represented on the international market by three divisions, Dental, Industrial and Wellbeing. Our international vocation allows us to take full advantage of innovative processes and to share our know-how with all customers.

One of our strengths is the ability to control the development, production and quality of all our products. We have a plant for the synthesis of raw materials, and a highly structured system for the control and validation of production processes as well as a research and development department which, if necessary, can customize the products to meet specific needs.