A - Z Information


Huntington Place provides visitors with American Disability Act (ADA) compliant accessibility. Parking spaces for the disabled using both regular vehicles and vans are available in all Huntington Place parking lots, and the facility is accessible from all parking lot entrances. Wheelchairs may be requested at the concourse Information Desk (upon availability.)
The north side of Huntington Place is accessible from the street with elevator access off of Congress St. near the parking garage. The south side of the venue can be accessed from the street level entrance at the Washington Blvd. turnabout and Jefferson Ave. The atrium entrance off of Atwater Street is also accessible at street level.

In accordance with the ADA, service animals may accompany disabled or physically challenged persons in Huntington Place with approval. The paperwork needed for approval is: copies of vaccination certificate, health certificate, municipal licensee/certificate. Consult your event manager for obtaining approval.


Air conditioning will be provided as follows:
  • Exhibit halls beginning one hour prior to show and continuing one hour after the show closes
  • Meeting rooms used for “event program” beginning one hour before meetings and continuing one hour after close of meetings
  • Attendee registration area during show hours
  • Heating and air conditioning in the Exhibit Halls will not be turned on during move-in and move-out days


Anchoring or drilling the floor or walls is not permitted.  Any damage will incur cost.


No persons under the age of sixteen (16) are permitted in the Hall at any time during all move in, event, and move out days.


Huntington Place maintains an exclusive cleaning contractor that must be used by exhibitors in conducting their business in Huntington Place. An exception is that exhibitors, using their company employees, may vacuum within their own booth. However, any hired cleaning service or labor must be Huntington Place’s exclusive cleaning contractor.

Janitorial service in aisles, open spaces, offices and restrooms is provided. Exhibit areas will be kept clean and free of debris by the janitorial contractor. Show management must coordinate carpet laying, cleaning, and plastic sheeting removal with the janitorial contractor. Show management is responsible for removing large crates and discarded exhibits, including carpet padding and carpeting, from the building or to break them down into small pieces. The janitorial contractor provides removal of normal show refuse, including one thorough cleaning each night during non-show hours comprising of sweeping non-carpeted areas and emptying waste receptacles in all areas. Normal show refuse is material that can be easily lifted by one person and placed into 55-gallon trash barrels.

If you have special cleaning needs, please advise your Event Service Manager and the janitorial contractor.

Green Facility Statement:
Huntington Place commitment to environmental stewardship in our community is demonstrated by our continuous efforts to implement Green initiatives throughout the facility and by our programs designed to educate our employees, vendors, customers, partners and visitors in the importance of the sustainability of our environment.

Exhibitor responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Collecting flattened corrugated cardboard during move-in and teardown.
  • Placing recyclables in appropriate recycling containers on exhibit floors.
  • Marking donation merchandise, leftover boxed literature, and other leftover materials for Huntington Place staff to recover for recycling.
Please check with Shepard for a list of recyclable materials and designated recycle areas. Remember the golden rule of recycling: Do not mix trash in recyclables. “Keep it Separate, Keep it Clean”.

Coat & Luggage Check

To Be Determined


Please view our COVID-19 page for up to date information on Detroit guidelines and restrictions.

Custom-Built Booths by Exhibitor Appointed Contractors (EACs)

  • Exhibitors appointing a third part contractor other than Shepard to build their booth are responsible for ensuring the contractor is familiar with all contents of the exhibitor kit.
  • All exhibitors must notify lisa.reau@selectglobalevents.com if you intend to hire an EAC.
  • Prior to receiving authorization to build, exhibitors must complete Shepard's EAC forms along with the appropriate fields on the Exhibitor Risk Assessment Form and provide proof of insurance by May 23, 2022.

Deliveries and Freight

Huntington Place does not have a warehousing facility and cannot accept advance freight shipments.  Freight must be consigned to Shepard Exposition Services either through advanced to warehouse or direct to site.

All personally owned vehicles (POVs) at the loading dock must use the designated dock area.  View cartload service rates for applicable dock unloading fees.  

Exhibitors may also park in the Huntington Place roof deck parking lot and transport items (hand carry or by using 2 wheel luggage carts or rolling in pop-up booth crates with built-in wheels) to and from their booths via elevators to Level 2, Exhibit Hall B.  Material handling equipment is not available and must be provided by each Exhibitor.

Entrances to the Facility

  • Public Entrances: Huntington Place has five entrances from the front of the building along Washington Blvd. and three entrances from Atwater St. along the Detroit River. A drop-off lane is available at the two front glass entrances on Washington Blvd. and Jefferson Ave.
  • Guests with disabilities/Wheelchair access: Wheelchair access is available for roof deck parking, garage parking and the two front glass entrances on Washington Blvd. and Jefferson Ave. and the atrium entrance on Atwater St.
  • Hand – Carry Loading/Unloading: Loading and Unloading is not permitted in front of the building or at the Atwater entrance. Please park your car on the roof deck and use the elevators to bring your materials to your booth.
  • Loading Dock Access: Loading dock access for Hall B is located at Second and Congress streets. Access to the loading docks is strictly restricted to vehicles unloading/loading freight for events.
  • People Mover: The People Mover station is located on the 4th floor (Congress St. end) of the building. Current rates are 75 cents per ride or you can buy a convention pass for $1.50 a day for unlimited rides.

Fire Regulations

Show management, contractors and exhibitors must comply with all fire regulations of the City of Detroit.  

Particular rules governing use of compressed gases and other special circumstances will be made available upon request.

Fire extinguishers are provided in a limited number by the Building. If Fire Marshal requires additional extinguishers on show floor, these may be signed for and obtained from the Building, if available, at nominal cost or must be provided by show management.

Show Management and Exhibitors will be required to comply at their own expense with all applicable Federal and State Laws; Municipal Ordinances; and Health, Safety and Fire Ordinances. In particular, attention is called to the more significant legal requirements which follow. These items are paraphrased and do not serve to relieve Show Management or Exhibitors of their obligation to inform themselves of the full content of the pertinent statutes.
Except as otherwise provided by special rulings from the Detroit Fire Marshal, regulations of the Detroit Fire Department will prevail as follows:
  • The area in front of all buildings and all exits must be maintained free of parking or storage.
  • All exits must be maintained readily accessible at all times.
  • All aisle ways to exits shall be maintained free and clear at all times. Aisle ways to exits shall not be blocked at any time by tables, chairs, benches or other obstructions.   
  • All draperies, backdrops, bunting and other decorations must be flame-proofed. All paper and other flimsy materials used for decorative purposes,  including flame-proofed paper are prohibited. The use of a heavy cardboard shall be permitted in limited amounts.
  • Cut trees, branches and shrubs are prohibited; unless maintained in soil in a natural state.
  • The use of liquefied petroleum gases shall not be permitted unless approved by Fire Marshal.
  • All vehicles and combustion operated machinery being exhibited shall contain a minimum amount of gasoline (approximately two (2) gallons maximum) and shall further be equipped with locking gas caps. After the vehicle/machinery is placed in its display position, batteries shall be disconnected, gas caps locked, and the keys to same retained in either the Show Management or Building Management Office.
  • The use of open flame or the storage and handling of flammable liquids, chemicals or harmful hazardous substances are prohibited, unless approved by the Fire Marshal or applicable agency.
  • Combustible crates and packing boxes must be removed after setup period to a proper storage area.
  • Additional fire extinguishing equipment as determined by the Fire Marshal must be located throughout the area occupied by Permittee at the Permittee's expense.
  • All fire extinguishing equipment must be unobstructed and accessible at all times.
Double-deck Booths/Smoke Detectors
All double-deck booths or structures with closed solid ceiling booths must have hardwired electric powered smoke detectors. Electrically powered smoke detectors with a backup battery power source must be hardwired to a circuit that is powered 24 hours per day must be installed in the ceiling of all multi-level booths and all rooms or storage areas that have ceilings. One (1) smoke detector must be installed for no more than 900 square feet of continuous ceiling. The placement of smoke detectors must be 30 feet on center. Please be sure to advise Huntington Place’s electrical contractor that you will need 24-hour circuits when placing your electrical order.

In cases where a double-deck booth blocks building fire pull stations or strobe lights, additional approvals and measures to rectify such blockage of fire safety systems may be necessary.

Natural Gas Hook-ups
All requests for natural gas hook-ups must be submitted to the Huntington Place Event Services Department. Huntington Place will then forward these requests to the Fire Marshal for approval. NOTE: Natural gas is not available in all of the Huntington Place exhibit areas.

Floor Loading

General exhibit hall floor loading is 300 pounds per square foot (or an HS20 Highway Loading); specific floor areas have a reduced capacity of 220 pounds per square foot. Loading well in excess of 300 pounds per square foot can be accommodated depending on location, physical dimensions, and adjoining loading.

Loading in excess of 300 pounds per square foot must receive approval by Huntington Place. The approval process requires plans of equipment or display footprint showing weight distribution per square foot and size of base plate (if being used). The plan must be signed and stamped by a State of Michigan Registered Professional Engineer. In some cases, it may be necessary to also show adjoining exhibit floor loading on this plan. Request for approval of excess loading must be submitted to Huntington Place sixty (60) days prior to the first move-in day.


Thank you for your thoughtfulness, however, it is against Huntington Place and SMG policy for any employee to personally accept gratuities or gifts of significant value from a licensee.


Exhibitors are responsible for purchasing and maintaining the following types of insurance in the following minimum amounts:
  • General Liability - $1,000,000 per occurrence to any one person, $5,000,000 per occurrence to more than one person, and $1,000,000 per occurrence for any damage to property.
  • Employer's Liability - $1,000,000 per occurrence
  • Automobile Liability - $1,000,000 per occurrence to any one person, $5,000,000 per occurrence to more than one person and $500,000 per occurrence for any damage to property.
  • Worker's Compensation, Disability and State Unemployment - minimum required to insure employees

Lost and Found

All lost and found articles are logged and placed in our Security Office. We attempt to identify the owner and return all articles. To inquire about lost items, go to the Information Desk located on the concourse. Events that choose to have their own lost and found must turn in all unclaimed items to Huntington Place Security at the end of each day.


Exhibitors, please use the Huntington Place Roof Deck Parking located at the corner of Congress and Third Streets on the roof of the venue.  It features 1,200 uncovered parking spaces and provides easy access to both Huntington Place.  The Huntington Place Roof Deck is open Monday-Friday from 6:00 AM - 11:00 PM; hours will vary for weekends and events. 


As required by the state law, Huntington Place is a non-smoking facility. Outdoor smoking near the facility is prohibited within 25 feet of doors, windows and open air-intakes. This policy is strictly enforced.

Signs - General

No decorations or signs shall be placed or attached on building walls and ceilings by nails, tacks, screws, wire or adhesive tape without approval of Huntington Place. Signs in the concourse and other public areas must be event-specific, relating directly to the event. Advertising/sponsor signs are not allowed in the concourse or other public areas of Huntington Place. Exhibitor signs are restricted to the exhibit area.

Signs / Displays - Suspended from Ceiling

Hanging of banners, signs, drapes, etc., must be arranged through Shepard. All signs, regardless of size, should be constructed of lightweight flameproof cardboard, metals, plastics, etc. and hung where and as approved by Huntington Place Event Services. No signs are to be hung from any electrical fixtures; race ways; any water, gas, air, fire protection piping, supports or hangers. All electrical and neon signs must conform to electrical codes required in Huntington Place. Huntington Place graphics, signs or displays may not be blocked in any manner and cannot be moved. During move-out, all wires, hooks, and hanging materials used to hang signs must be removed. Should any hanging materials be left behind and Huntington Place therefore be forced to have the materials removed, costs plus service fees for such removal will be billed to show management.

In exhibit halls these rules apply:
  • 0 to 50 lbs. - Items may be hung from miscellaneous steel supporting light grid; must have a minimum of two (2) attachment points; no other location restrictions.
  • 51 to 1,000 lbs. - Items must be hung from sway truss members; must have minimum of four (4) attachment points; must have Huntington Place Maintenance Office approval.
  • 1,001 to 2,000 lbs. - Items must be hung from main truss members only; must have a minimum of four (4) attachment points; must have Huntington Place Maintenance Office approval.
  • NOTE: Over 2,000 lbs. is not permitted.
  • In all cases, displays and signs must be safely hung using accepted standard methods and by the proper, knowledgeable labor.
  • Show management should require insurance be supplied by the exhibitor since the event management is otherwise responsible.
  • Show management may further restrict or prohibit hanging of any display or sign. View Display Rules & Regulations for additional information.


Smoking is not permitted in any meeting room or public area.  Huntington Place is a non-smoking facility and smoking is prohibited in the exhibition halls, ballrooms, meeting rooms, restrooms, and pre-function areas of Huntington Place.

Stickers / Helium Balloons

Distribution of stickers and use of helium balloons are prohibited inside Huntington Place.

Toxic / Hazardous Materials

All toxic and hazardous materials, gases, liquids or solids, are and remain the property of the show or the exhibitor bringing such materials onto Huntington Place property. Use of these materials may require additional insurance coverage.
At least 45 days in advance of event move-in, the Event Services Manager must be advised of toxic and hazardous materials being brought to the building. Information needed is: Chemical name of material, trade name of material, hazardous component, flammability, date of arrival, place of storage, how contained, size and number of containers, exhibitor name and booth number, description of use, date of removal, how and by whom to be removed, contact person at supplying company, contact person at Huntington Place. A data sheet is to be in each booth and given to Fire Marshal for each material.

Above information will be reviewed by building staff, the Fire Marshal, and other regulatory agencies. Any specific instructions on storage, use, disposal or removal must be followed.

Toxic or hazardous materials are subject to immediate removal from premises if required information is not received or instructions are not followed. All costs associated with safe handling of these materials are to be borne by show management.

By end of the move-out period all toxic and hazardous material must be removed from the Huntington Place premises.
Materials are not to be left behind after exhibitor(s), show management and contractor have left the premises. Responsibility for verifying actual removal of materials from the property rests with show management.

Should any materials be left and Huntington Place therefore be forced to have the materials removed, costs for such removal including containers, material testing, transportation, disposal, and any other related costs, plus a twenty-five percent (25%) nonperformance penalty charge, will be billed to show management.

Union Information

This information is taken from the Memorandum of Responsibility, which serves as the overall maintenance agreement between the Huntington Place and the Unions. Show management and all contractors shall be required to accept the agreements in this memorandum. Information herein is subject to change. 
Unless otherwise stated, all exhibit and display work in Huntington Place is done by union personnel:
  • Electricians handle electrical work, which includes supplying power to and within a booth, making connections when “hard” wiring and/or electrical harnesses are required and installing “static lighting” that is not built-in, integral part of the exhibit booth.
  • Teamsters/Ironworkers shall perform material handling of freight; machinery installation, erection and dismantling of steel for multi-level displays; and deliver/set-up of contractor-rental furniture.
  • Carpenters shall handle carpentry and the unpacking, erection and dismantling of exhibit booths.
  • Stagehands shall do stage and lighting setup for, but not limited to, press events, shows, and theatrical style events. This shall include theatrical rigging, cued lighting, theatrical lighting, video lighting, projection, audio, electronic show equipment (i.e., cameras, switchers, audio and etc.), props and scenery.
NOTE: The work mentioned below may be performed using any cordless hand tools, step stools limited to three steps or less and non-motorized material handling equipment and dollies.

Ladders, power tools and mechanical lifting devises or motorized material handling equipment can only be used by the qualified members of the union having proper jurisdiction. Also, any hired labor must be the qualified members of the union having proper jurisdiction. The materials handling crew is now two members, down from the previous three member crew.

Exhibitors may:
  • Set up their own booths of 400 square feet or less, including their own assembly and decorating work within their booth.
  • Hire Shepard labor to Unload and load their own privately owned vehicles (POV’s) at the loading docks such as passenger cars, SUVs, vans or pick-ups. There must be a driver who stays with the vehicle at all times and is immediately available to move the vehicle.
  • Transport items (hand carry or by using 2 wheel luggage carts or rolling in pop-up booth crates with built-in wheels) to and from their booths via the public entrances of the exhibit hall. Note, no carts, dollies or material handling equipment will be supplied by Huntington Place or show services contractor.
  • Plug in their own 120-volt, 20A circuits (once the service has been brought to the booth by the electrical contractor and with the exception of any concealed wiring), install up to twenty (20) UL approved clip-on lights and light bulbs and use their own UL-approved extension cords, power strips and surge suppressors.
  • Set-up, connect and operate any computer system, audio-visual equipment and other appliances or components. Unpack, assemble, dismantle and pack product and/or equipment.
  • Assemble machinery, including unpacking, dismantling and re-packing; and calibrate and fine-balance their own machinery, components and equipment.
  • Transport their own specialized vehicles (i.e., cement trucks, tractors, and other similar type vehicles) that are part of the display to-and-from the booth, limited to one vehicle per 400 square feet of booth. Note: Due to liability issues, some contractors may require spotters.
  • Align, move and position vehicles in the booth after spotting. Hang banners, signs, or graphics in the booth.
  • For exhibitors in booths 200 square feet and smaller, clean within their booths using spray cleaners, vacuum cleaners, or cloth padded type mop heads without water.
  • Monday through Friday, the first eight hours of labor is straight time between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.
  • For material handling, the above applies between the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. except on the day the show breaks (Monday through Friday), the first eight hours of labor is straight time until 10:00 p.m.

Vehicle Display

  • All vehicles and combustion-operated machinery being exhibited shall contain a minimum amount of gasoline (approximately two gallons maximum) and shall further be equipped with locking gas caps.
  • After the vehicle/machinery is placed in its display position, batteries shall be disconnected, gas caps locked, and the keys must remain in either the show management or building management office.