2022 Technical Conference

Enjoy insight about the silicone industry delivered by valued speakers from across the supply chain

Steve Savastano, ACCESS Rudolf Technologies
Opening Address

Elyssa Zhang, SCI99
Keynote Address | China Silicone Market Analysis

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Jason Clark, Novagard
Speed and Flexibility - How to Win in Evolving Markets

Michael Batton, ENTEX Rust & Mitschke GmbH
The Newest Technology of Silicone Processing in a Planetary Roller Extruder (PRE)

Amit Malhotra, Romakk
How Having Silicone as an Ingredient in Your Products is Important and How/What More Can you Expect from Silicone Suppliers Going Forward

Gavin Brown, Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association
Keynote Address | The Role Silicones Play in Applications

Dr. Peter LeBaron, CHT
Why Siloxanes are Different to Organic Polymers, and Lesser Known Liquid Silicones in Our Lives

Bill Inman, Dupont
Healthcare Applications Discussing the Similarities and Differences of Testing, Cleanliness and Regulatory Support

Ken Baker, NewAge Industries
Silicone Supply Chain - Should We All Be  Worried Long Term? Yes! A Discussion and Possible Solution

Dr. Christopher Osuch, ECO USA
Silicone Recycling: Environmental Impact and Industry Outlook

Oliver Mersmann, Momentive
Sustainability Topics at the Forefront of Our Industry 

Julia Uth, UTH
A Sustainable and Reliable Process for Mixing , Extrusion and Straining of Silicone Compounds

Chair: Erick Sharp, ACE Laboratories
Dr. Christopher Osuch - ECO USA
Kathy Plotzke - Dow
Rahul Kulkarni - Elkay Silicones
Mike Gregus - Wacker

The Sustainability Roundtable with Erick Sharp

Simone Marquardt & Daniel Moreth, Raumedic
Silicone in Medical Applications

Andreas Wiegrefe, HÜBNER Group
Silicone in Mass Transit

Ken Baker, NewAge Industries
How Can Silicone Precessors Become 100% Tax Free and Help your Company Be More Profitable?

Charles Olsen, Savanture Plastics
The Use of Porous Plastic Granules of Various Base Polymers

Dr. Kevin Lewis, CHT
Silicone Elastomers and Outside Applications 

Srikar Vallury, Moldex3D
Solving LSR COld-Deck Tooling Challenges

Ganesh Srinivasan, Resil Chemicals
Emerging Silicone Technologies for Textiles and Industrial Applications

Ekaterina Gorbunova, OSCiAl
New Generation of Conductive Silicones for Cable Accessories, Flexible Electrodes, Healthcare, Electronics and EV Applications

Daniel Häfliger, Sateco AG
Molding Silicone into Functional Parts that Sense, Attract and Respond

John Gohndrone, JMG Process Solutions
Keys to Successfully Integrating New Suppliers of Silicone Intermediates