Mike Skinner, Channel Manager


“I’ve been fortunate to spend my entire career focused on developing and promoting silicone based materials in the marketplace for a variety of different industries. Silicones are inherently user and environmentally friendly materials which perform extremely well in adverse environments making them the ideal choice in challenging applications. I’m very excited and honored to be a part of Silicone Expo which has the purpose of promoting the benefits of silicones, as well as bringing suppliers, customers, distributors and industry experts to discuss the use of silicones in various applications”

Sandip Tyagi, President and General Manager, Formulated Specialties Business


“As President and General Manager of Momentive’s Formulated Specialties Business I am excited to see the rigor placed around the Silicone Expo. We at Momentive look forward to the Silicone Expo as an avenue to further connect and build upon our industry relationships, partnerships and collaboration. Every business relies on a community and network of collaborators to some capacity, the Silicone Expo brings under one roof provides the expertise and opportunity in the silicone field to continue to expand and drive innovation and growth in our industry. What better place to house the inaugural event than Detroit as we align and expand upon the NEV/e-mobility revolution”

Tim Higgins, Global Marketing Leader Transportation & Infrastructure


“As both an Advisory Board member and an exhibiting Company on behalf of myself and Momentive I am excited to be associated, involved and inspired by the Silicone Expo’s inaugural event. This expo provides via the NA Market/industry a premier gateway to exchange thoughts, concepts and discussion with regards to silicone elastomers. I look forward to seeing both our NA and global industry customers, partners and colleagues at what promises to be a fantastic event. Momentive welcomes you… Detroit Welcomes you… the Silicone Expo welcomes you… for what promises to be a fantastic event!”

Holger Albrecht - Vice President BU Elastomers


“Momentive’s Elastomers Team is excited as we embark in full support of the Silicone Expo. As we look toward the future we see the Silicone Expo as not only a North American, but Global avenue to connect with our customers, industry partners and OEM’s across multiple markets. With the first ever NA Silicone only expo we leverage the strong automotive community present in Detroit as we enter a new wave and transition to the NEV/e-mobility revolution. This event opens doors to further expand upon a multitude of topics and technologies as they relate to our silicone elastomers global market.”

Bill Stockwell, Chairman and Chief technician Officer

Stockwell Elastomerics

“The Silicone Expo is a great idea! Silicone is such a versatile elastomer and solves so many technical challenges. The potential collaboration will surely build relationships and advance our industry.”

Jason Clark, VP of Electronics, EV and Silicone Solutions


“As a woman-owned business, Novagard is thrilled to be a founding exhibitor of Silicone Expo. There are so many untapped synergies across the silicone value chain, and this expo will bring together all players for an unparalleled networking event and conference. Thank you!”

Mariya Cameron, Founder

14th ELMT

“I have been looking and waiting for a silicone tradeshow since I started fabricating in silicone 11 years ago. I am thrilled to be on the advisory board and connect with the larger silicone community”

Steve Savastano, President

ACCESS Technologies LLC

“It is exciting and I am very honored to be part of a historical event such as the Silicone Expo and especially to be part of the advisory board. Silicone chemistry, while a relatively young technology in a world dominated by petroleum base sciences, continues to evolve as a significant technology that touches nearly every aspect of our lives – from automotive fuel systems to kitchen utensils to personal care to impactable medical devices. Truly phenomenal what this material is capable of, and we have only just begun.”

Scott Kearns, Principal


"We are thrilled to be a part of Silicone Expo 2022 and can't think of a better opportunity to bring suppliers, specifiers, and fabricators together at an all-encompassing Silicone event, to discuss, design, and learn about how Silicones can help in solving many of today’s, and tomorrow's challenges - such as - Thermal Management, Light Weighting, Electrification, Healthcare, and much more."

Randal Hill, Consultant

KodiakHill Services LLC

“I am excited to be joining the advisory board of Silicone Expo! I have used silicone materials in many different areas of product development and look forward to helping the larger technology community develop new uses for these unique materials.”

Brian Bishop, VP of Sales

Krauss Maffei

“KraussMaffei North America and Germany are both looking forward to participating in the Silicone Expo next June, 2022!”

Simon Holmes, Marketing Manager

Silicone Engineering

“We are extremely excited to be taking part in the first Silicone Expo in Detroit. Being one of the leaders in the field of HTV silicone rubber, we are looking forward to meeting with fellow professionals and academics within the silicone sector and its supply chain, in what promises to be a great event.”

Dominic Testo, Business Development Manager

Specialty Silicone Products, SSP

“Silicone Expo is THE event that the global silicone industry needs as the world moves beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. I am excited to join the Advisory Board and look forward to providing a dedicated platform for one of the world’s most important and adaptable materials.”

Marco System Analysis & Development, LLC

"As an industry leader in precision dispensing Marco System Analysis and Development is anticipating the Silicone Expo to be a rewarding experience. The opportunity to network with material companies in silicone, adhesives, and coating materials will provide valuable exchange of knowledge.  We look forward to sharing Marco TorqueBlock® piezo drive technology and 2 component mixing system solutions with other exhibitors."