Reid's Read

Silicone Expo Sales Director Jamie Reid explains the reasons not to miss out on exhibiting at the world’s first commercial showcase events for the entire silicone industry.


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Silicone Expo is first and foremost about the material itself. The exhibition will cover all silicones from elastomers to resins, fluids to gels and the entire manufacturing supply-chain.

Exhibiting companies will include those that produce silicones, work with or manufacture equipment to dispense, test, cut and shape the material, as well as those that produce silicone based products for industrial and commercial markets.

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Silicone Expo is the show where your products or services will be actively searched for. Unlike events that focus on one or two end-user markets, Silicone Expo will bring visitors from every major market that utilises silicones, from Medical to Automotive, Electronics to Construction, Personal care to Homewares.

You may have your foot in the door with part of this multi-billion dollar industry but exhibiting at Silicone Expo is the key to unlocking more doors.

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Knowledge and learning are key to growing any business. With speakers from across the entire global supply-chain, from FTSE 500 companies to small niche specialists, the wide range of topics discussed will be both informative and enjoyable.

Over the three days of the event, the conference agenda will allow you to dip in and out of talks, whilst you network and do business with your industry peers as well as new clients.

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June 2022 is perfect timing for the Silicone industry to have its first dedicated event, allowing for supply-chain matters to be resolved, new suppliers and clients to be met and contracts signed.

Why spend weeks or months on the road visiting new or existing clients when you can meet them all in one place over 3 days.

Silicone Expo is your event where your customers are searching for you!